Fun Facts

  • The Qin Dynasty was the first successful empire.
  • Qin Shihuangdi built the Great Wall.
  • He also built the first roads and bridges.
  • The Great Wall is included in the Seven Wonders of the World and the Seven Wonders of the Medievil World.
  • The modern word China comes for Qin [normally pronouced "chin"].
  • Qin Shihuangdi started the Imperial Period that lasted into A.D. 1912.
  • Taoism was the first religion in China.
  • The major philosophy the Qin Dynasty followed was Confucianism developed by Confucius and Legalism developed by Hanfiezi.
  • They aslo followed Mohism.
  • Qin Shihuangdi standardized law, weights, measurements, money, scholarship and writing.
  • After Qin Shihuandgi died everyone started to read books but they also fought with each other.

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