How did Qin Shihuangdi affect or change China?

The Qin dynasty started in 221 B.C when Qin Shihuangdi unified parts of China. He was the first to control all of China. He called himself "First Emperor Qin". Qin was into Legalism which means he believes everyone is naturally bad. He had a very strict set of laws. It was illegal to whine about his rules and he thought he had to control them. Qin also did other things to help. He divided empire into provinces, set up a spy system, and used the system of bureaueracy. Qin also introduced systems of measures, weights, language, laws and money. Qin burned all books expect ones about medicine, prophecy and agriculture. The scholars who wouldn't burn their books were sent to work on the wall. Many Chinese died from work-related reasons. The picture below is of Qin Shihuangi. The picture at the right is Qin declaring to burn all books. He will always be remembered in China for many reasons. For even more information on the Qin Dynasty and more check out this link below.

I personally think that Qin Shihuangdi was a great ruler. He did amazing things for The Qin dynasty. Most of what we see in China today are originated back to Qin. Some may say he is cruel and unfair. I can see their points, If I had to agree or disagree with his thoughts I would agree. What he was able to do in that short of time is still affecting us today.

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